Operation & Maintenance

Aarvi has expanded its service basket with adding in O&M services. Currently 30% of the business of Aarvi comes from O&M activities. Over last 5 years, Aarvi has become preferred partner for O&M services.

We have been providing O&M services to following industries.

  • Tank Terminal

  • Pipeline

  • Oil &gas

  • Refinery

  • Solar Energy

We have been working with companies like HPCL, HPCL Mittal, GSPC, Cairn, GSPL among others for O&M services.

We take care of all the required tools & Tackles for the project and total Technical manpower required for smooth working of the process unit. We also maintain necessary inventory for the consumables and also keep track of the spares. It will be responsibility of Aarvi to have required relievers so that all three shifts are covered.

Aarvi has specialized people to take care of the O&M services and make sure that client is 100% satisfied with zero down time.