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Engineering Services
Basic Engineering
  • P & I diagrams (including line sizing)
  • Process & Utility flow diagrams
  • Specifications for various utility package units
  • Specifications for various vessels and process items like pumps, blowers and compressors.
  • Specification for Instruments (local as well as panel mounted).
  • Specification for various Electrical items.
  • Piping specifications (including line list with Insulation details) Loop summaries
  • Basic equipments lay-out (taking into consideration all the statutory requirements)
  • Specifications & sizing for various items like orifice , steam traps , safety valves etc.
Detailed Engineering
  • Civil & structural Engineering
  • Equipment Engineering
  • Piping Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Insulation and Painting
Project Management
  • Project Planning and scheduling
  • Project Co-ordination and Management
Construction Supervision

Site Management And Construction Supervision

Procurement Assistance / Expediting
  • Floating Inquiry
  • Technical and Commercial Bid Analysis
  • Purchase Recommendation
  • Expediting Services
As Built Drawing Preparation / CAD Conversion (Cadding / Scanning / Digitization)
Scanning blueprints, mechanical drawings, aerial photos etc. have redefined the use of archives. Once scanned, the images are in a digital format and can be saved on to CDs. One CD stores up to 650 MB (possibly over 1000 drawings).

Aarvi Encon has backward integrated to provide CAD services. Aarvi Encon has 5 professional scanners and 2 plotters to handle bulk volumes of scanning work.

We use latest software for noise / dirt removal and cleaning of drawings.

Scanning and Digitization work is handled by experience manpower of Aarvi Encon.

Aarvi Encon pays utmost importance on Quality of the drawings scanned and digitized. All documents / drawings are thoroughly checked before forwarding to client for their comments and finalization.

Aarvi Encon assures full confidentiality of customer's documents and property by signing confidentiality agreement.

:: Infrastructure

  • A0 Scanner (Contex & Widar make)
  • A3 Scanner (UMAX)
  • A4 Scanner (4 No. Professional Scanner with AMF)
  • Plotter (A0 + A1 - HP make)
  • Computers (100+ No. with large HDD and REM)
  • Printers (4 No. HP and 1 Laser)

:: Advantages of Scanning / Digitization

  • Preservation of data
  • Large reduction in storage area
  • Better trace ability & faster retrieval of documents
  • Faster & cheaper transfer of data
  • Saves valuable searching time
  • Intelligent CAD files can be used with Cost estimation, Area calculation, Inventory tracking & Engineering Design software
  • Rescaling, Revision of CAD drawings is 2-8 times faster than paper drawing
  • Architectural drawings once converted to CAD, may be viewed in 3D.This could be further extended to provide walk-thru facility to enhance visualization.
  • Data extraction from CAD files becomes faster and easier for direct input into databases for maintenance and material control, project management, quality assurance attributes with symbols.
  • Digital data is easier and cheaper to replicate than paper based data.
  • Digital data can be uploaded onto the Internet for worldwide access. Websites providing access to digitized archives of newspapers, manuscripts, patents, magazines, books etc have a large number of visitors.
Inspection Services
  • Pressure vessel
  • Storage Tanks & Installation for chemicals, LPG etc.
  • Lifting Gear & Material Handling Systems
  • Power Generation/ Transmission / Distribution Systems
  • Line Pipes to API/ Standards
  • Port Utilities
  • Fire Fighting Installations
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • NDT Evaluation of Pressure Vessel/ Welds
  • Energy Audits
  • Safety System Audits
  • Risk Analysis & Hazop Studies
  • Prepration of Disaster Management Plan
  • Finite Element Analysis of structures
Start-up, Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Assistance
Aarvi Encon has proved potential to provide commissioning assistance with its specialized manpower.
As your partner Aarvi Encon thoroughly plans and masters the various and specific operations involved in the commissioning and start-up of plants.
Aarvi Encon can offer following service:
  • Comments on engineering Drawings
  • Prepare commissioning and Start up manuals
  • Pre-commissioning management
  • Deputation of Pre-commissioning specialist
  • Witness of Instrumentation calibration, Hydro testing, Pipe flushing etc.
  • Testing equipments
  • Start Run activities
  • Test Run and also initial phase of operation of field plant
Operation & Maintenance

Aarvi Encon is able to offer a fully managed service with respect to the Operation and Maintenance of a wide range of industrial units.

We can respond to our client's needs to outsource either by working in close partnership with operating companies or as members of alliances with other contractors and consultants.

Aarvi Encon Engineers / Technicians have handled following equipments

  • IBR Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Refrigeration Chiller / Brine Plants
  • Package Plants, Pre-cooling & cold Storage Plants,
  • Dehumidifiers, Air handling units
  • Air compressors, air dryers
  • Industrial Gas plants
  • Material Handling equipment
  • Static & Rotary Equipment
  • Distilling and DM plants
  • Electrical sub station, DG sets, MCC, PCC, etc.